The CJR Memorial Foundation’s mission is to increase the parent’s ability to spend time with their children as they seek treatment, or recover from an illness; while at the same time promote a healthier lifestyle for all children.

The CJR Memorial Foundation’s goals are to raise money for families of children who are critically ill so they can focus on what’s important. Their child’s recovery!  With the help of those who donate, we directly support families who are unable spend time with their sick child because of financial burdens such as a mortgage, utility, or medical bills. We step in and give them the helping hand they need so their time is better served during crucial times.

In addition, the CJR Memorial Foundation funds brain cancer research at the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania.  We also sponsor a room each year in Caleb’s name at the original Ronald McDonald House on Chestnut St in Philadelphia.  The Ronald McDonald House serves as a home away from home for the families of those who are seeking medical attention. 

The CJR Memorial Foundation would also like to promote the significance of PLAY and its benefit to a child’s development.   With childhood obesity on the rise, it is even more important now that parents find the time to get their children outside to play for many reasons such as communication, social/emotional development, and of course exercise. But besides all these attributes, play allows a family to spend quality time together. Time we sometimes all take for granted!